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Kde hranice svobody projevu, obrany veřejného zájmu končí a kde začíná cílená likvidace známých osob za účelem získání zisku a senzace? More

This practical handbook about Czech family law is designed for the general public, especially for those in love, for engaged couples, partners, couples that are breaking up or divorcing, and for the interested public, such as parents. Get a knowledge of your rights and duties and try to prevent unpleasant and painful divorces or break-ups. More

Divorce of sportsmen and celebrities

14/03/21 | Articles

Are you successful sportsmen or celeberities? Read what to do before marriage or having children to avoid costly divorce in the Czech Republic.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 protective measures, travel restrictions we are offering online consultation that protects your health, from your home, at the time which suits you and under protection of your privacy.  More

Český bulvár je specifický, štvavé bulvární kampaně trvají někdy i měsíce, a ne mnoho celebrit má odvahu se bulváru postavit. More

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