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Tikot biologických hodin se zastavit nedá. A ve věku okolo čtyřiceti let tikají opravdu silně. Někteří mladí muži se tak stanou jejich nástrojem pro oplodnění. A jaké z toho plynou právní důsledky? More

PF 2021

19/12/20 | Downloads

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! More

Speculation on infidelity is not a freedom of speech

11/10/20 | From the media

Court Prague 10 ruled against pubsliher who wrote an artcile about potention infedelity of our client. Apology and satisfaction in amount of 150.000 CZK was awarded. More after appeal. 

This is a practical manual of the Czech family law for public, mostly for those in love, fiancees, partners and those whose intend is to divorce. Also it might be useful for parents.  More

Our firm receives an increase in the number of people who want to begin the process right after the holidays. It is importnat to understand the process of dissolving a marriage and evaluate the practical implications of divorce. More

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