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Nejčastější právní otázky prezentace na Instagramu: Předejděte soudním sporům, pokutám, mediálnímu skandálu, mějte povedomí o svých právech a povinnostech. Vzor smlouvy o spolupráci ke stažení zde. Brožura zdeMore

The textbook is the first publication that contains basic information about media law, marketing law and copyright in the Czech Republic in English.  More

PF 2021

19/12/20 | Downloads

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! More

Our firm receives an increase in the number of people who want to begin the process right after the holidays. It is importnat to understand the process of dissolving a marriage and evaluate the practical implications of divorce. More

The amount of prenuptial agreements is increasing every year. If you would like to marry here in the Czech and apply Czech law, read more.  More

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