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The amount of prenuptial agreements is increasing every year. If you would like to marry here in the Czech and apply Czech law, read more.  More

Online consultation in family law

11/03/20 | Current case

Due to increased protective measures against COVID-19 in most countries, travel restrictions of our clients, it is possible to schedule Skype/Whatsapp consultation.

Union of the family lawyers

24/05/18 | Company

Attorney at law JUDr. Eva Ondřejová, LL.M., Ph.D. became member of the Czech Union of the family lawyers. More

The reasons for dissolving Czech marriages are very well known documented. For the most common reasons there is discrepancy of characters, different opinions and mutual estrangement. How it is with international marriages when one of the spouses is Czech? Are the problems the same or are there any other problems that cause the dissolution of marriage?   More

Are you a mother and a foreigner? You do not want to lose your child. Will you be trapped in the Czech Republic until your child is 18 years old? More

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