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Pravomocná výhra u Vrchního soudu

07/11/23 | From the media

Pravomocná výhra u Vrchního soudu v Praze nad společnostmi PPF a.s. a PPF Financial Holdings a.s., které žalovaly našeho klienta, s.r.o.

Speculation on infidelity is not a freedom of speech

11/10/20 | From the media

Court Prague 10 ruled against pubsliher who wrote an artcile about potention infedelity of our client. Apology and satisfaction in amount of 150.000 CZK was awarded. More after appeal. 

The reasons for dissolving Czech marriages are very well known documented. For the most common reasons there is discrepancy of characters, different opinions and mutual estrangement. How it is with international marriages when one of the spouses is Czech? Are the problems the same or are there any other problems that cause the dissolution of marriage?   More

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