Publications authored by JUDr. Eva Ondrejova, LL.M., PhD. - Lawyer based in Prague, Czech Republic 

  • A Foreigner’s Guide to Czech Family Law, How to avoid the pitfalls of the Czech Family Law system, First Edition, 2021, Prague: Powerprint ISBN 978-80-270-9732-6 ISBN: 978-80-270-9733-3 (online publication)
  • Book How to avoid war of Roses - Legal backgroud for people who intent to marry, Euromedia, 16.10.2020
  • Published article Are you a mother and a foreigner? You do not want to lose your child. Will you be trapped in the Czech Republic until your child is 18 years old?, 4.9.2020
  • Published article Can coronavirus restrictions change habitual residency of the children?, 9.7.2020
  • Published article Is amount of child support information in public interest? What can you publish from divorce proceeding?, 21.2.2019
  • Textbook LEŠKA, Rudolf a Eva ONDŘEJOVÁ. Základy marketingového práva a práva duševního vlastnictví. Fundamentals of Marketing Law and Intellectual Property Law. Praha: Vysoká Škola finanční a správní, a.s., 2018. 138 s. Edice EDUCOpress. ISBN 978-80-7408-173-6.
  • Published article Einarsson v, 3.5.2018
  • Published article Right for translation in the Czech, 9.4.2018
  • Published article Religious figures in advertisment,, 13.3.2018
  • Publisched article Determination of the paternity after divorce from which 300 days was not left,, 30.11.2017
  • Book Protection of personal rights in Common law and Czech law, Leges, 256p. ISBN: 978-80-7502-164-9
  • Published article on ISP liability in respect of case Pihl proti Švédsku​,, 27.3.2017
  • Published article Limits of autobiography works and legal liability for defamation,, 16.8.2016
  • Published article of Supreme Court case law,, 29.1.2016, 10.2.2016, 19.2.2016, 4.3.2016, 16.3.2016, 6.4.2016
  • Published article Cohabitation in, 16.9.2015
  • Published article Criminal liability for defamation in EU countries and ECthR case, 28.8.2015
  • Published article Liability of news online servers for, 30.6.2015
  • Published article How can restaurants and hotels sue for bad or harmful reviews?,, 10.3.2015
  • Published article Ten years from von Hannover 1 to von Hannover 3,, 9.1.2015
  • Published article Nominal damages in the Czech legal system, Rekodifikace a Praxe 5/2014
  • Published article Prize Awarded paper on nominal damages, Bulletin Advokacie, č. 4/2014, 4/2014
  • Published article Case law, Denied access to child as an infringement of personal rights, Bulletin of Slovak Bar Association 2/2014
  • Published article The post-mortem protection in the New Civil Code,, 14. 1. 2014
  • Published article Child access denied as an actionable infringement of family life and privacy, Právní rozhledy č. 15-16/2013, ISSN 1210-6410
  • Published article Liability of blog providers in foreign case law, Jurisprudence 7/2013, ISSN 1212-9909
  • Published article Liability of hosting providers in the current Czech and foreign case law, Jurisprudence 6/2013, ISSN 1212-9909
  • Published article Protection of privacy in the Common Law, Právní rozhledy, n. 12/2013, ISSN 1210-6410
  • Published article Protection of honour and dignity in the Common Law, Právní rozhledy, n. 11/2012, ISSN 1210-6410

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