Intellectual property and unfair competition

We represent clients in disputes concerning the violation of rights stemming from intellectual property. Among such clients are individuals and national as well as supra-national companies whose property values have been affected. We provide complex legal counseling for concluding a contract and the protection of individual rights. In the sphere of intellectual property we specialize particularly in the following areas and disputable agendas associated with it:

Trademarks and the protection of commercial designations and know-how

Trademarks represent a significant social value. Clients therefore approach the firm with a request to protect their trademark, be it by registration and contractual arrangements or in cases of dispute and abuse. Also related to trademark infringement is unfair competition, either in the form of false advertising, causing a mistake or capitalizing on someone else´s reputation. Protection is provided in cases of online violation, cybersquatting and the abuse of domain names, merchandising and license disputes. Gaining more importance is the protection of names and personality values of celebrities misused for commercial purposes without their consent. We ensure for the protection of clothing designs preventively, using trademarks, used models, but also copyright law or in disputes and cases of forgery. Thanks to foreign consultants we achieve higher protection efficiency in transnational cases.

In the sphere of trademark registration and other industrial rights the firm provides legal counseling both in proceedings before the Industrial Property Office as well as before the European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market.

Unfair competition

Clients, whose name, trademark, merchandise or other values have been affected by unfair competition, are represented by the firm in all resulting claims. This regards the refrain from unfair competition, the removal of effects including damages and financial satisfaction. This concerns mainly interference in case of false advertising, false designation of merchandise and services, causing the risk of mistake, capitalizing on a plant´s reputation, the product or services of another competitor, detraction, the violation of trade secrets and newly intrusive harassment. In relation to sponsoring, clients also utilize consultations to prevent the possible impacts of unfair competition.

Copyright law

Clients among individual authors and companies from various industries utilize legal counseling and representation in disputes in cases of copyright infringement, especially the utilization of preliminary measures (injunctions), the preparation of a pre-suit summons and lawsuit and representation before the courts on all levels, including mediation. The firm has experience in the field of verbal, musical and other works of art and recordings. Protection is provided in cases of on-line infringement of clients´ copyrights. Thanks to foreign consultants we achieve higher efficiency in on-line protection as well as other jurisdictions. An indispensable part of the legal services for the clientele is the making of licensing contracts according to specific individual requirements and the provision of licenses for franchising.

In the field of internet the law firm provides legal counseling related to the misuse of websites, responsibility for the content, protection of domain names, conclusion of contracts on-line and the utilization of an electronic signature, personal data protection.


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