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Matrimonial and parental judgments: jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement in the Czech Republic

Czech wife – British husband who got married in Austria and lived in France or US. Where is jurisdiction for their divorce? When can you file the divorce petition at the Czech courts in respect of divorce and custody (visiting rights) of the minor children? How and according what law will the community property be divided? 

08/02/17Jurisprudence EU  |  Family law

January: The Month for Divorce

Our firm receives an increase in the number of people who want to begin the process right after the holidays. It is importnat to understand the process of dissolving a marriage and evaluate the practical implications of divorce.

17/01/17Analyses  |  Family law

Publication of the book Protection of personal rights in Common law and Czech law

Attorney of law Eva Ondrejova published her book Protection of personal rights in Common law and in the Czech law. The book is based on her PhD research. The publication presents the complex introduction to the area of protection of personal rights in the Common law, especially in English law, Commonwealth countries and USA that has not been presented yet for the Czech legal professionals.

22/11/16Events  |  Defamation

Notice of change of company headqurters

The attorney of law office will be moved to own premises from 1. 12. 2016. The new address is Příčná 8, 110 00 Prague 1. We will be based in the city centre, 3 minutes walk from Mustek, 1 minute walk from Vodičková tram station. The parking will be provided.


Widow can use dead husband's sperm

It is a right under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (the right to respect for private and family life) to decide to become a parent by deceased husband.

14/09/16Jurisprudence EU  |  Family law

Share/joint custody case law form the Czech Constitutional Court

Share/joint custody case law form the Czech Constitutional Court

10/08/16Downloads  |  Family law

Determination of the paternity

There is an increase of the amount of cases when fathers seek determination of paternity to the child when mother is refusing to determine him as a father. There is an easy solution – petition for determination of paternity.

05/08/16Analyses  |  Family law

Paparazzi photographs of wedding

What are the limitations of use of photograpf wedding photos?

04/07/16Events  |  Defamation

Fürst-Pfeifer v. Austria

Right to respect for private and family life of Austrian psychiatrist - not breach of Art. 8 of the Convention. 

23/06/16Jurisprudence ECHR  |  Defamation

Child custody and access to child in the Czech republic

JUDr. Eva Ondrejova in the interview for the Czech radio on topic Child custody and access to child in the Czech republic. More. 

05/01/16Company  |  Family law

Impersonation Twitter liability in the Czech Republic

False Twitter account's liability. Eva Ondřejová in the news for the Czech Tv

13/12/15Events  |  Media Law

Conference Forum Media 2015

Attorney at law Eva Ondřejová was a speaker at the Conference Forum Media 2015 on 19.11.2015. The guest topic was Media laws in 2016. 

21/11/15Company  |  Defamation

Interview for the Czech television

Eva Ondřejová a guest of Česká televize in respect of the case Peroutka v Zeman on 12.8.2015.


Succesful case in respect of protection of goodwill

The client filed the defamation claim for protection of the goodwill of his company for untrue and misleading article in magazine Tyden. The Court has decided fully in our favour.

17/09/15Analyses  |  Defamation

Child abduction decisions from other Member States to be recognized in the Czech

General courts in the Czech Republic must respect the earlier decision of another court in a Member State of the EU in cases of international child abduction.

17/09/15Events  |  Family law

Advertising and Promotion Contract

You can download free basic version of the advertising contract according to New Civil Code for purpose of providing logo on sports or cultural events, websites etc.


Travel complain for damages

According to Czech New Civil Code, the travel complaint for damages might be filed only within one month after the end of the travel package. 


Czech Living agreement

The template of the Agreement between unmarried couples under the Czech law. 

24/05/15Downloads  |  Defamation

Couderc and Hachette Filipacchi Associés v. France

The case deals with the judgment against the weekly magazine Paris-Match for publishing information on the private life of Prince Albert of Monaco. The Grand Chamber hearing on 15th April 2015.

04/05/15Jurisprudence ECHR  |  Defamation

Support measures in the case of reduced capacity of an adult to make juridical acts

Eva Ondřejová host on Czech Radio Region interview on Support measures in the case of reduced capacity of an adult to make juridical acts 

23/03/15Company  |  Defamation