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Compensation for pecuniary harm in respect of hotels and restaurants

05/01/15 | Events

New Civil Code set up new rules regulating Damage to a thing brought inside, Damage to a thing left at a particular place. What are the practical impact of regulations and what are the conditions of liability?

Eva Ondrejova was a host in an radio interview on Czech Radio Region on topic what to do against defamation More

Delfi v Estonia

20/07/14 | Jurisprudence ECHR

The Court held a Grand Chamber hearing on 9th July in the case of Delfi As v. Estonia. The case concerns the liability of an Internet news portal for offensive comments that were posted by its readers.

High Court Methodology for assessing Damages

13/07/14 | Events

New Civil Code has changed the damages assessing for health unjury and the death significantly. The flat rate for the life and injury has been abolished. The Court has to make an unique evaluation of ech life and injury in respect of the circumstances of the cases. The High Court issued the Methodology for judges what shall be the highest amounts.

Protection of personal rights and illicit photography

13/07/14 | Current case

The illicit taking of the photography or without the consent is the infringment of the image rights, as well privacy and dignity. The image right concept is based on an autonomy of will and freedom to decide whether one allows to take a picture and distributes the image. More Flyer

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