Family law 

When litigation is unavoidable, Ondrejova Attorney office will never hesitate to go to court to advocate for your best interests. However, we also encourage the use of mediation and arbitration to amicably resolve family law disputes wherever possible.

See short videos with basic information about Divorce, Custody, Spousal support, Child Support and Division of property in the Czech Republic.

Our office provide legal services in respect of:​

  • ​Comprehensive Family Law Service
  • Jurisdictional divorce issues/disputes
  • Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)
  • ​Complex Property Distribution
  • ​Spousal and Child Support (Alimony/Maintenance)
  • Maintenance and costs for unmarried mother
  • ​Complex Custody & Move-Away Cases
  • ​Child Custody Modification
  • ​Paternity Issues (Determination, Denial)
  • ​Dissolution of Domestic - Registered Partnership/Cohabitation breakdown
  • ​Prenuptial /premarital and Postmarital Settlement Agreements
  • Marriage, names and surnames
  • ​Post-Divorce Support and Custody Modifications
  • ​​Family Law Appeals, Constitutional Complaints and ECHR complaint

With offices in Prague City Centre, the law firm provides clients throughout capital city and other cities: Ostrava, Opava with exceptional legal services in all aspects of family law with expertise n connected areas such as tax law, real estate law, partnership law, contract law, child psychology, and other topics that practitioners must know beyond basic divorce and family law. An experienced and intelligent analysis of complex financial circumstances - often international - is needed, together with a sensitive and authoritative approach to guide clients and obtain the best possible outcomes through this difficult time. Therefore we also collaborate with experienced auditors, tax advisers, psychologist, teachers and other professionals.

Since the firm's founding the company has established a reputation for handling even the most complex and contentious disputes with the utmost discretion. The firm's attorneys understand the sensitive nature of difficult family law matters, and are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of a diverse clients, including a number of prominent figures.

Eva Ondrejova has been awarded The best young lawyer in 2013 and her other achievements, publications and media coverage indicates that she has demonstrated a high level of experience, proficiency, and commitment in the field of practice.

The law firm provides its clients counseling in the area of family law before entering into a marriage and also the regulations of property laws, as well as the termination of a marriage or relationship, along with the related issues of child upbringing, maintenance, housing and property settlement. We also focus on the regulation of property and family relations in case of cohabitation, i.e. couples living together permanently without entering into a marriage. In the Czech Republic they make up half of the couples who deal with the same issues as in marriage and their rights are not treated.

Paternity disputes and the enforcement of contact with a child also present a disputed agenda. Eva Ondřejová has published numerous articles on the topic of preventing contact with a parent and the potential use of a lawsuit for the protection of personality.

Thanks to the language skills and a number of international consultants we offer solutions in cases of family transnational (cross-border) disputes.

The new Civil Code introduces a number of changes and new possibilities in the area of family law. The law firm provides its clients with innovative and effective solutions on how to prevent disputes, as well as for the disputes.

Marital property law

The new Civil Code enables both engaged and married couples to better organize their asset ratio in accordance with their needs. Apart from a legal matrimonial regime and a regime based on court ruling there is also a modified matrimonial regime agreed upon by engaged or married couples in a contract, which can be based on a regime:

  • of separate properties 
  • reserving the creation of common property to the day of the termination of the marriage
  • extending or narrowing the extent of common property in a legal regime


Paternity is based on the legal assumption that the father of the child is the husband, should the child be born during the period of the marriage or within three hundred days of its termination. In cases where the child is born through artificial insemination, the father is considered to be the man who gave consent to the artificial insemination of his partner. Further by the affirmative declaration of the mother and the man who declares to be the father of the child, or by court ruling. If paternity is established in the aforementioned way, but the father thinks he is not the father, he can initiate a court proceeding on the denial of paternity. Regulations of the new Civil Code extend the period for denying paternity. The husband can deny his paternity before court within six months since the day he learned of the doubts that he is the father of the child which his wife had given birth to. He can however deny his paternity before court no later than six years after the child is born, although this period can be extended in exceptional cases.

Maintenance / alimony

Maintenance obligation is considered

  • between parents and children
  • between divorced spouses (the divorced husband has the right for maintenance if he is unable to make a living himself and this inability of his has its origin in the marriage or in relation to it – punitive alimony)
  • between husband and wife
  • between offspring and ancestors
  • to compensate for certain expenses of a maiden (unmarried) pregnant woman or mother

Child Abductions in the Czech Republic (law and procedure)

International parental child abductions are at present widely discussed in the whole Europe and there are several cases that are happening in the Czech Republic. What is the decision-making practice, what are established court practice, criteria and outcomes in the return procedure of an abducted child or a child who has been wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained away from the country where he or she normally has lived (habitually lived)?

The cases of abduction of the child after divorce are increasing in the recent years. Our law firm helps clients whose child or their child has been removed to from the Czech Republic in the process. We advise you on what to do at he first place, who to contact and give you the latest case law from the Czech Republic (Supreme Court, Constitutional Court), as well as European Court of Human rights such as Neulinger and Shuruk v. Switzerland, X v. Latvia, B v. Belgium, R.S. v. Poland, Blaga v. Romania. 

Legal issues and fertility treatment in the Czech Republic

  • IVF abroad, Egg donation abroad and Embryo donation abroad legal issues in the Czech Republic
  • Protection of privacy in respect of fertility treatment in the Czech Republic
  • Protection of pesonal data in respect of fertility treatment in the Czech Republic
  • Determination of maternity and paternity in respect of fertility treatment in the Czech Republic

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