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Matrimonial and parental judgments: jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement in the Czech Republic

Czech wife – British husband who got married in Austria and lived in France or US. Where is jurisdiction for their divorce? When can you file the divorce petition at the Czech courts in respect of divorce and custody (visiting rights) of the minor children? How and according what law will the community property be divided? 

08/02/17Jurisprudence EU  |  Family law

Widow can use dead husband's sperm

It is a right under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (the right to respect for private and family life) to decide to become a parent by deceased husband.

14/09/16Jurisprudence EU  |  Family law

Google v Spain

The operator of a search engine is obliged to remove from the list of results displayed following a search made on the basis of a person’s name links to web pages, published by third parties and containing information relating to that person.

13/07/14Jurisprudence EU