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Divorce and trust in the Czech law

Stále častěji při rozvodech, vypořádání společného jmění manželů, dědictví nebo ochrany rodinného majetku řešíme otázku svěřenských fondů.

28/01/24Articles  |  Family law

Parental plan to download

Rozešli jste se a chcete se domluvit na péči o Vaše dítě? Nevíte kde začít? Připravili jsme pro Vás rodičovský plán – najdete zde ty nejdůležitější témata, na kterých je potřeba se shodnout, abyste se vyhnuli sporům do budoucna. Plán lze nechat schválit i soudem. Spousta soudů dle rodičovských plánů postupuje, zde je komplexní plán připravený na základě naší dlouholeté zkušenosti. 

11/12/22Company  |  Family law

New guideline table for the indicative calculation of maintenance

After more than 10 years, the Ministry of Justice is revising the recommended table for determining child alimony. The new table attempts to approximate the courts' decision-making. The table includes a new rule that the more children a parent has, the less parent pays for each child. 

19/10/22Articles  |  Family law

Release of new book - How to avoid War of Roses

This is a practical manual of the Czech family law for public, mostly for those in love, fiancees, partners and those whose intend is to divorce. Also it might be useful for parents. 

29/05/22Company  |  Family law

A Foreigner’s Guide to Czech Family Law

This practical handbook about Czech family law is designed for the general public, especially for those in love, for engaged couples, partners, couples that are breaking up or divorcing, and for the interested public, such as parents. Get a knowledge of your rights and duties and try to prevent unpleasant and painful divorces or break-ups.

10/08/21Events  |  Family law

Divorce of sportsmen and celebrities

Are you successful sportsmen or celeberities? Read what to do before marriage or having children to avoid costly divorce in the Czech Republic.

14/03/21Articles  |  Family law

Online consultation in Czech family law

Due to ongoing COVID-19 protective measures, travel restrictions we are offering online consultation that protects your health, from your home, at the time which suits you and under protection of your privacy. 

08/03/21Company  |  Family law

Sexy 40 and young men sperm doners

Tikot biologických hodin se zastavit nedá. A ve věku okolo čtyřiceti let tikají opravdu silně. Někteří mladí muži se tak stanou jejich nástrojem pro oplodnění. A jaké z toho plynou právní důsledky?

04/01/21Articles  |  Family law

Výživné pro zletilého

Jaká jsou kritéria pro stanovení výživného zletilému dítěti?

01/01/21Articles  |  Family law

Pre-nuptial agreement under the Czech law

The amount of prenuptial agreements is increasing every year. If you would like to marry here in the Czech and apply Czech law, read more. 

18/03/20Downloads  |  Family law

Union of the family lawyers

Attorney at law JUDr. Eva Ondřejová, LL.M., Ph.D. became member of the Czech Union of the family lawyers. More

24/05/18Company  |  Family law

Reasons why marriage with Czech women or men fails

The reasons for dissolving Czech marriages are very well known documented. For the most common reasons there is discrepancy of characters, different opinions and mutual estrangement. How it is with international marriages when one of the spouses is Czech? Are the problems the same or are there any other problems that cause the dissolution of marriage?  

28/11/17From the media  |  Family law

The War of the Roses in Czech Republic

Are you a mother and a foreigner? You do not want to lose your child. Will you be trapped in the Czech Republic until your child is 18 years old?

10/09/17Articles  |  Family law

Notice of change of company headqurters

The attorney of law office is situated in own premises from 1. 12. 2016. The new address is Příčná 8, 110 00 Prague 1. We are based in the city centre, 3 minutes walk from Mustek underground, 1 minute walk from Vodičková tram station. 

24/06/17Company  |  Family law

What to do if you cannot see your children after separation?

The solution is to file preliminary injunction. The court has to rule within seven days and establishes at leat minimal visiting rights.

12/03/17Jurisprudence ECHR  |  Family law

Matrimonial and parental judgments: jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement in the Czech Republic

Czech wife – British husband who got married in Austria and lived in France or US. Where is jurisdiction for their divorce? When can you file the divorce petition at the Czech courts in respect of divorce and custody (visiting rights) of the minor children? How and according what law will the community property be divided? 

08/02/17Jurisprudence EU  |  Family law

January: The Month for Divorce

Our firm receives an increase in the number of people who want to begin the process right after the holidays. It is importnat to understand the process of dissolving a marriage and evaluate the practical implications of divorce.

17/01/17Analyses  |  Family law

Widow can use dead husband's sperm

It is a right under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (the right to respect for private and family life) to decide to become a parent by deceased husband.

14/09/16Jurisprudence EU  |  Family law

Share/joint custody case law form the Czech Constitutional Court

Share/joint custody case law form the Czech Constitutional Court

10/08/16Downloads  |  Family law

Determination of the paternity

There is an increase of the amount of cases when fathers seek determination of paternity to the child when mother is refusing to determine him as a father. There is an easy solution – petition for determination of paternity.

05/08/16Analyses  |  Family law