A Foreigner’s Guide to Czech Family Law10/08/21  |  Events  |  Family law

This practical handbook about Czech family law is designed for the general public, especially for those in love, for engaged couples, partners, couples that are breaking up or divorcing, and for the interested public, such as parents. Get a knowledge of your rights and duties and try to prevent unpleasant and painful divorces or break-ups.

This book helps you

  • identify topics that you should discuss before marriage or having child
  • find out how pre-nup can help you
  • how to avoid Czech War of Roses conflict
  • get a knowledge of rights and duties arising out of marriage and being parent in Czech Republic
  • get basic legal proposals­­­­

You ca buy the book via: https://www.kosmas.cz/knihy/295746/a-foreigner-s-guide-to-czech-family-law/


write us directly: book@ondrejova.cz

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Eva Ondřejová is an attorney at law. She has substantial experience in family law and media law (protection of personal rights) disputes. She is not only practising lawyer but also well known for her publication. She was awarded best young lawyer in 2013 by the Czech Bar Association. She also co-works with international offices, and due to her knowledge of multiple languages, she has been involved in more than 400 international cases.

This guide is an ideal gift for those in love, for an eighteenth birthday, Valentine’s Day, or a summer book for holiday, for those considering having a child with or marrying a Czech woman/man.