Criminal law

The law firm provides all legal services related to criminal law, especially defense, complex defense of juveniles, legal assistance in adhesion procedures, the solving of claims resulting from the violation of personality protection rights and the legal representation of damaged parties in a criminal proceeding including the use of rights for damage compensation from perpetrators of a criminal offense.

Legal services are provided both during the pre-trial phase as well as before court. The law firm represents defendants or damaged and participating parties, namely persons who speak Czech and thanks to its knowledge of English, German and Italian also foreigners. We cooperate with experts in related fields, such as judge advocates or other experts and interpreters.

The law firm provides legal services in the area of criminal law, that is:

  • general counseling on criminal law
  • counseling and the preparation of complaints
  • the defense of clients during the pre-trial phase (assistance in conducting investigation, evidence suggestion, acts leading to release from detention, etc.), during detention proceedings,  during the main hearing as well as the hearing before the Court of Appeal
  • the defense of juveniles before juvenile courts
  • the administration of regular as well as special means against the decisions of bodies active in criminal proceedings
  • the representation of clients in enforcement proceedings, the administration of parole requests, effacement of conviction, dealing with the Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic
  • the representation of damaged parties, setting up claims for damage compensation within a criminal proceeding/adhesion procedure
  • the representation of victims of a criminal offense and their rights for the compensation of the caused non-material harm
  • the solving of claims resulting from the violation of personality protection rights
  • the suggestion of alternative ways of ending criminal proceedings
  • representation in proceedings for offenses

And that is for criminal offenses: criminal offenses against life and health, criminal offenses against freedom and the rights for protecting personality, privacy and privacy of correspondence, criminal offenses against human dignity in the sexual area, criminal offenses against family and children, criminal offenses against property, criminal offenses of economic nature, generally dangerous criminal offenses, criminal offenses against the environment, criminal offenses in public affairs.

Defense of juveniles

We represent juveniles – persons who at the time of committing the offense have reached fifteen years of age and have not exceeded eighteen years of age and children younger than fifteen years. Criminal proceedings with juveniles are regulated by law no. 218/2003 Sb., on the responsibility of juveniles for illegal acts and on the judiciary in matters of juveniles and on the change of some laws (the law on the judiciary in matters of juveniles).

We ensure that the bodies active in criminal proceedings follow a specific approach when hearing a case regarding the criminal matters of juveniles and the right for treatment adequate to their age, mental maturity and health.

The juvenile must have an attorney from the very moment that measures as per to the law on the judiciary in matters of juveniles are used against him or acts as per the penal code are performed, including urgent and unrepeatable acts, unless it is possible to postpone the performance of the act and ensure the notification of the attorney about it (necessary defense). The juvenile must have an attorney even if he explicitly refuses representation.

Bodies active according to the law on the judiciary in matters of juveniles are obliged to always instruct him about his rights and provide him with full possibility of their exercise.

The proceedings are carried out by the juvenile court in whose district the juvenile resides and should he not have permanent residence, in the place where he stays or works.

It is prohibited, unless stated otherwise by law, prior to the final ruling on the matter, to disclose in any way (in public media or otherwise) information containing the name and surname of the juvenile, or information containing data that could lead to this juvenile´s identification.

In the defense we try for maximum use of all means to substitute detention, namely an appropriate guarantee, supervision, promise or his placement into the custody of a trustworthy person, financial guarantee or other suitable measures. The maximum limit for detention length during the pre-trial period for the least serious offenses amounts to four months, the longest acceptable detention period is six months. For particularly serious offenses the total longest acceptable detention period is eighteen months.

The juvenile´s legal representative

The juvenile´s legal representative is authorized to represent the juvenile, select his attorney, make suggestions for him, submit requests and appeals for him. He has the right to attend acts which the juvenile can attend. For the juvenile´s benefit the legal representative can exercise these rights even against his will.

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