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Eva Ondřejová has long-time experience in representing media companies in legal disputes and providing legal counseling. The firm´s asset is its focus not only on classic media such as the press, radio and television, but on new media – digital media, social networking websites, blogs, microblogs and online gambling. Within the process of resolving their regulation and affiliated practical issues it brings innovative and long-term solutions taking future trends into account.

Thanks to international experience in prominent British publishing houses and thanks to our foreign partners and consultants from more than 15 countries we provide top services and flawless work on the highest available level. We thus receive the most up-to-date information in the field, by comparing jurisdictions we come up with new solutions in our legal code and thanks to contacts with leading experts in the field we can always find a solution for our clients.

Eva Ondřejová is one of the leading authors dealing with mass media and familiarizes her clients with translations of the European Court of Human Rights´ judicature and the key decisions of European countries, which are only hardly accessible in the Czech Republic. Our clients are thus one step ahead of the competition regarding the trends and solutions of their business models.

Every media has its own specifics, business model and legal issues. We specialize in the following sectors:

Printed media

representation of publishing houses in legal disputes, counseling prior to and after publication, out-of-court private agreements, binding agenda – licensing contracts, advertising, representation in criminal proceedings

This mainly applies to disputes regarding the protection of personality and the conflict of the right to freedom of speech and information or the protection of a journalistic source. Disputes resulting from the press act, i.e. the right for an answer and additional information. Another disputed agenda is the protection of personal data and disputes stemming from the intellectual property law.

Television and radio broadcasting

representation before the Council for television and radio broadcasting, counseling prior to and after making information public, advertising, sponsoring, self-regulation, counseling in matters related to intellectual property law (copyright law, trademarks, unfair competition).

Related to this field are video-on-demand, the movie industry and cinemas and video games.

New media and social media

representation of ISP, media companies and individuals, commercial as well as non-commercial subjects in cases related to online publishing. These are mostly disputes regarding the responsibility for content. Counseling is provided for the content and possible collision with the law, cross-border impact and possible collision with the legal code of other countries. Another area is providing legal services related to the online usage of rights stemming from intellectual property and advertising. We create contracts for clients according to the specific demands of each individual sector. Legal services in the field of E-commerce (B2B, B2C) and criminal proceedings are provided complementarily.

In case of Facebook, Twitter or other social media misuse and for reasons of specific time needs (publishing timeline) and urgent cases (preliminary measures) we work for the clients ceaselessly, rapidly and discretely. Our interest in helping the clients always comes first.

Advertisement law (Advertising law)

The law office ONDŘEJOVÁ provides full service in the area of legal regulation of advertising, connected contracts (license agreements, term and conditions, advertising spots, cooperation contracts), advertising campaigns, assessment of legal compliance with laws regulating advertising, consumer protection law, broadcasting, print and online media, trademark, unfair competition, new civil code and specific areas such as cosmetics, medical devices, food and nutrition, child nutrition, alcohol, tobacco and others.

The law firm ONDŘEJOVÁ provides legal services in respect of acting with several administrative state bodies in respect of permissions, certificates, administrative offence procedures.

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Eva Ondřejová has published in prominent law journals and on her blogs. Cooperation with the Centre for Comparative Law at Charles University and her attendances at international conferences also contribute to deepening knowledge in the area of media law. Beyond the scope of her activity she volunteered organized the annual Media Law Moot Court Competition at Oxford.

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